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Re: [RC] headtossing/ alsike clover - rides2far

. Has anyone else 
experienced fibrosis of the liver from Alsike poisoning, will they 
ever be the same again?

My friend's Appaloosa had something that sounds like this. It was on a
huge dairy farm where she didn't see it every day. One day when she went
out to get her she literally thought someone had thrown acid on her. All
her pink skin was SEVERELY burned. The vet came out and did the liver
titers and they were horrible. She knew it was from something she'd eaten
but never specified the alsike poisoning. The skin inside her mouth was
burned too. She had to eat softened food. The areas of her skin that had
been burned were burned so deeply that as it healed the surface of the
skin looked like the desert when it dries and cracks into squares. A
thick area of skin in about a 6" square with the hair still attached
would peel up from the corners and there would be new growth underneath.
The mare lost a LOT of weight and after the liver damage the vet told
them she'd be sensitive and not to let her out on pasture. She just fed
her hay. She tended to be underweight after that but I never thought they
tried very hard to find what they *could* feed her. Just dry lotted her
with a sorry looking round bale. They did pleasure ride her and she acted
energetic. I wonder if they couldn't have put her on a high fat diet and
brought her back to her old self. As best as I recall they were supposed
to keep the protein really low because of the damaged liver?? Does that
make sense?

P.S. Don't remember any head tossing.



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