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Re: [RC] COC in 2006 - Truman Prevatt


I thought that the COC would be somewhat difficult to meet at first - then I checks some results of some of the FEI sanctioned rides at random over the past few years. What I found was that at the 20 mule team in 04 20% of the finishers (6 of 30) satisified the COC and the winning time was about 10 1/2 hours. In '03 it was over 1/4 of the field that met the COC with a winning time of about 11 and 1/2 hours. At Ft Howes it varied between almost 1/2 of the riders (on average) in '03 and '04 met the COC with 10 to 11 hour finishing times. The Pine Tree ran about the same in '03 and '04. This year the Biltmore was over a third met the COC with a winning time of 10:20. I was surprised at these data. At the '04 Owyhee 8 of 12 met the COC with a winning time of 10 hours. At the Arabian Nights 30 of 35 met the COC time with a winning time of 8 hours.

While there may be some "freak conditions" that may impact a specific ride, in general I don't see the COC being a big issue in the US. There are plenty of rides where good horses with a significant base can get their COC. I feel the COC is necessary to separate the horses that should be in FEI championship rides from those that have no business there. FEI is a race - if a horse is not up to it (and has proved it) he/she should not be there.

Im my book the issue is not the COC it's the USEF lowering the age requirement so horses are being pushed without the necessary base.


KimFue@xxxxxxx wrote:

Since 13hr20 seems to be a difficult qualification for most of the US 100s that exist at this time I suggest making courses that would specifically be designed for easy qualification. Why not find a flat 14 mile course on perfect footing and run it 7 times. Have vet checks every 14 miles.


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[RC] COC in 2006, KimFue