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[RC] Saddle rocker and bridging-- - L gin

Changes....One of my saddles may not have enough rocker I'm thinking. It may also be bridging. With the white pad and sweat patterns I am getting dirt impressions on the front evenly, less in the middle, then alot on the back where the cantle and my butt sit, evenly. I also was putting my hand under the back of the cantle between my horse and the saddle while mounted.I believe it is pressing into his back at the edge of the cantle. At least with the merio pad I had on yesterday.
The saddle panels are a closed cell foam that lie flat, and gives closer contact.They are not thick, maybe half an inch or less.
Horse is not muscled up, used to be along the back, but has "sunk' a bit so his muscles are not level with his back bone as they used to be. Not swayback, just musclling dropping off from spine, where they used to be level and flat at spine and then rounded off.
I have been reading that new saddle fit book..... Especially about how to read a pad.(and of course all the osher saddle fit articles here).
I only had on my merino wool pad when testing this. I had been using my tacky tack with a panel pad....he seemed more comfortable with more padding from those, I guess the wool pad was compressing and so the panels could press more with my weight.
I am also wondering if this could be a saddle length problem or is it the rocker. However the saddle is only 23" long front panel to back panel. But shortbacked arabs are shortbacked.....
I am going to do the white pad thing with my othere pads to see if that helps.
Maybe I can get by with my other pads or a panel insert pad ??? Or till he muscles back up a, then decide... Or could this be typical of a closed cell foam close contact type of saddle?


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