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[RC] Qualifying for FEI - Tom Sites

Good Morning Campers...This is your Uncle Ernies nephew.
It like a quick thought that came to this analysis.  If a Region or a Nation has trouble meeting the COC because of terrain or weather conditions, all one has to do is look back in history.
In 1934 or something (my attempt at getting reports or newspaper clippings of the time was burnt in a fire Sandra Tevis Haggin told me),  Will Tevis rode 4 horses in an indoor skating arena and went, the story goes 200 miles in 10 hours on a 1/4 mile oval course.
In 1994, the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe used a 1.67 mile course thru the Page County Fairgrounds in Luray, Va.  as a fundraising project for St. Judes Childrens Hostpital (we raised over 5K4).
The rules were basic FEI Rules with weight, Team Chef, Gates into Holds etc. and Lee Wittle was the observing FEI Offical.  There were 3 riders with about 10 FEI Competitions among them and we wanted to see how todays endurance horses would compare to Will Tevis and his adventure.  We found out a lot, and the furtherest went was by Chryssie Unser at about 166 miles.  Dr Jeannie Waldron was the Vet and cut no slack.
What i'd like to propose to any Region or Country that has a problem meeting their COC for reasons of weather....Put on your FEI ride in an indoor amphitheater and cut the AC up to high and ride in the cool weather.  Its actually quite easy to put on something like this and this is not a statement in jest.
As to boring to the riders...i was never bored and had the normal race day mishaps as any other ride like a horse going nuts in a stall with a turned blanket, and taking it out, slam dunks and dislocated shoulders, heat of the autumn and no shade and Garnet and Chryssie both had their own personal health issues that dogged them thru the day.  It was good for spectators as every loop included a ride arround the ring and the grandstands.  Lee kept saying at the heat of the day...."You're doggin it"  i only went 144 miles and Garnet went 123.  It was an endurance adventure.
If any one asks why you adoin this?  Tell them Will Tevis did. ts