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[RC] [RC] New Year's for Horses. [RC] [Fwd: AERC Online points have changed] Re: [RC] [RC] ? In the eye of the beholder Re: [RC] [RC] Heavy on the forehand Re: [RC] [RC] speaking of twh/mft/ultimate endurance ride RE: [RC] [RC] travelling wide Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Best saddles for under $100 [RC] Abetta Arabian Endurance [RC] Abettas (was Best saddles for under $1000) [RC] about hidalgo [RC] another idea on homeys [RC] Another thought about suitability [RC] Antionette Dinkliman [RC] anyone want a challenge? [RC] Austrailia and Wintec [RC] Australia Wintec [RC] Best saddle under $1000 [RC] Best saddles for under $1000 [RC] Big Horn crew [RC] board/ride [RC] coldmountain/twh? [RC] conformation dogs/horses [RC] DVE - Ride Story Day 1 [RC] DVE Day 1 [RC] DVE Photos Re: [RC] DVE Photos - Ground Control shoes [RC] Endurance horse Worming [RC] Equine program for PDA [RC] Gaited thread-Tevis [RC] Ground Control Shoes Re: [RC] guest[RC]Playing with my Timex GPS - RhndLev [RC] Happy New Year [RC] happy new year [RC] Happy New Year! [RC] Heavy on the forehand [RC] Help! Behavior problems (long) [RC] Historical Horses [RC] info for hosting "mock" ride [RC] information on old dominion [RC] International Endurance Forum [RC] Interviews Linked 1st week Jan 04 [RC] Jennings Boogie [RC] Kezel [RC] leasing a horse [RC] LMF [RC] Looking For???? [RC] Love Valley and Mace Re: [RC] Multi-day point to point? [RC] Multi-day point-to-point [RC] My Movie [RC] my new year miracle (long) [RC] Nevada All-State Trail Riders Stallion Service Auction [RC] New Interviews Linked [RC] New years goals [RC] New Years resolutions Re: [RC] OD [RC] old AERC yearbooks [RC] Old Dominion [RC] opinion on tucker saddles [RC] orange/red/yellow urine? [RC] Photo Contest Update Homeys [RC] Photonic Therapy [RC] Picture contest-Homeys [RC] Playing with my Timex GPS - RhndLev Re: [RC] Playing with Timex GPS [RC] PNER Convention slideshows [RC] re: Airport Trails [RC] re: multiday point to point [RC] RE:Homeys [RC] Real Estate in Tennesee... [RC] reconditioning an ex long distance horse Re: [RC] Report on Hopkins from Criminal Psychologist! [RC] Ride story of the 2002 Old Dominion RE: [RC] speaking of twh/mft [RC] Stonewall saddles [RC] support boots for strained/damaged ligaments? [RC] Too many horse magazines [RC] traveling wide [RC] travelling wide Re: [RC] travelling wide(now hollow back) RE: [RC] tucker saddles Re: [RC] Ultimate Endurance Ride Re: [RC] ultimate endurance ride Re: [RC] Ultimate Endurance Ride Re: [RC] ultimate endurance ride [RC] videos [RC] Worm Purge [RC] Worming, daily or single dose? [RC] worst! saddles under 1k RE: [RC] [RC] ? In the eye of the beholder Re: [RC] [RC] ? In the eye of the beholder Re: Spam Alert: Re: [RC] Photo Contest Update Homeys

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