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[RC] worst! saddles under 1k - RENESPONY

hi all
i am one of those that loves the abetta.but it has to fit.
if an expensive saddle is the only thing that fits/works for your horse then 
your stuck with the bill unless your lucky to get a deal on a used model.
i have noticed a problem with some of the king synthetic saddles. they are 
light and i liked how they looked but I've noticed on 2 boarders saddles that 
they wear really quick. the fenders are worn almost all the way through, the 
nylon web used for the rigging is showing signs of wear. the metal buckles to 
adjust the stirrups (bevins buckles) keep coming detached from the nylon.
i was horrified, these saddles are about a year old and these people don't 
ride much.(once a week or so) they bought them at different stores at different 
times, so it cant be a defect from the same shipment. one saddle i could see, 
but 2 barely used really turns me off to the brand.
there are 2 condura saddles with the purple south western design that have 
lasted their owners for years, even with a little neglect, so i like those and 
have ridden in both a few times, no complaints. but buy endurance stirrups, 
they are sooo nice.
i beat the crap out of my A-Betta for 4 years now. i am looking for a new 
saddle as a back up but i really seem to like this one.
i tried a treeless bob Marshall, and at first i loved it, but after a couple 
of hours i really felt like i was sitting on my horses spine, and would 
imagine that 50 or 100 miles would kill his back. i really could feel 
and im sure he could feel me.
i have used a blue ridge, but it hurt my butt and was a bit heavy for 
distance riding.
anyone try the court saddles? i like the look, but have yet to try one and 
they are heavy also. nice seats. now your getting over $1,000 though.

one wintec all purpose bridged terrible but another older model fit him 
so i guess I'm stuck with this A-Betta for now till i find something i really 
like and could ride all day in.and under 1k is a big deal for me.
anybody else find saddles to avoid?



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