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RE: [RC] Multi-day point to point? - David LeBlanc

Barbara McCrary said:

We've been to numerous point-to-point multi-day rides and 
we've always had to find a crew.  I haven't an idea how else 
you would manage otherwise.
Without a crew, you are doomed to alternate days with your 

The only solution I've been able to come up with, which is less than ideal -
but works - is to have a vehicle to shuttle you back to your rig so you can
drive it to camp. If you had crew that could drive the truck, but not the
rig, your crew could do that for you. Or if you brought a car, you could
drop the car at the end point the night before. Certainly not a great
solution, as it would probably take a minimum of 2 hours to go back and
forth, and this isn't what I want to be doing while tired.

I'd really like to be able to try something like the big XP ride this year,
and was thinking that there might be others. Finding a driver for something
like this would be a nightmare. I agree 110% that there is no way I'm going
to let some kid drive something that weighs about 10 tons before you add
horses. It's too big, doesn't have much ground clearance, not to mention
what it is worth. Even with a normal sized rig, I'd have to trust someone a
lot to haul one of my horses.

The historical value of riding very old trail is very neat - portions of
Steph and John's ride are on the Oregon trail, and it was hard to imagine
pulling a wagon through some of that. I'd like to be able to do more of it,
but as you point out, it's hard to manage.


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Re: [RC] Multi-day point to point?, Barbara McCrary