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[RC] New Years resolutions - Laurie Durgin

To get Rascal rehabbed enough to do a ride!!I figure it will be fall if all goes well. His 1 year post EPM 'holiday ' will be May.That's when EPM'ers usually breathe easy.(although it seems we may never recover from our paranoia, soooooooooooooooooooooooooo if you see me absentmindedly spinning your horse in small circles then placing their feet in wierd positons to see if they move them ,and grasping their tails at vet checks and yanking sideways as they walk, you'll know it's me. . ) And when I hear a conversation about tripping, you'll hear a small voice say, "ah-hem, it could be EPM, ya know. . ."
To make a decision on Honey,( after regaining my confidence after the fall), to continue training her; or decide I am not "woman enough" or "young enough, or rider enough" to be able to ride and enjoy her and either sell/trade her for a calmer/less reactive horse, but only to someone who understands she has to trust first.Spending 9 years in pastures looking pretty has been looooooong enough.
Teach Scout(2.5) to : lead properly, tie,ground drive, load, and maybe even meet a saddle(although he'll probably think it is just a funny blanket with only one strap rather than 6 ), LOL .
To make sure Champ, (daughters x-hunter/eventer) has a new, good ,loving home where he will have some kind of job and good care.
Get another saddle, perhaps sport or flex to be able to use on all 3.And maybe another for hubby so he can ride Rascal,if I am riding Honey the ? . Laurie/Rascal/Honey/Scout

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