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[RC] New Years resolutions - Mike & Kathy Kelly

After spending the past few years not being able to do as many 50s as I'd
like due to lameness problems with my wonderful horse Gabriel, I am hoping
to do a few 50s on my new horse Bedazzle, who is coming 6, this year.  We
completed a 25m CTR in Nov and have another next weekend, then I hope to do
LD until I feel he is ready for a 50, which may be late spring since I'm a
CPA and am pretty darn busy with work for the next few months.

I'm feeling like I got the New Year off to a good start today, I took Daz
out for a few hours in the snow, even tho it was only 32 and a bit windy.  I
too am guilty of being a fair-weather rider, but I've gotten myself out
despite the cold a few times lately and really had some lovely rides, and
don't get too cold if I keep it to 2 hrs or so.

Daz and I went out alone and everything went great.  That leads to my other
endurance goal, to develop the relationship between Daz and I, which I think
will mostly come thru spending alot of time riding by ourselves.  He behaves
very well with other horses, but he definitely looks to them rather than me
for direction.  Gabriel and I have ridden alone for several years and
hundreds of miles, and have a wonderful relationship where we communicate
silently and trust each other.  I know Daz and I will get there, but it just
takes time and miles.  Sometimes its hard for me to ride Daz instead of
Gabriel, riding Gabriel is so effortless.  But Daz is doing quite remarkably
considering he hadn't been under saddle for long when I got him last June.
When I look back I see that we are well on our way!

Oh, and Gabriel is doing so well that I still have hopes of doing some easy
50s with him, maybe even this year!

I got to try out my new HRM for the first time today, and it worked great!!
I got it from Roger Ritterhouse, and take comfort in knowing I have a place
to go with questions if I have problems with it.  My old HRM has worked
inconsistlenly for a few years in spite of having batteries and parts
replaced - very frustrating!  So what a thrill it was to go for a ride and
have my HRM work the WHOLE ride!!!

Kathy Kelly
Parks AZ


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