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RE: [RC] speaking of twh/mft - ranch

"I'm very interested in someone explaining the pros and cons of a horse going
wide behind"

My first endurance horse was a speed quarter horse.  He learned to go wide 
behind because he had a tremendous reach and would hit his front heels with his 
back.  I ran him with bell boots for years until he learned.  He was a blast to 
ride.  At about 10 mph at a trot he would spread his rear and start to 
overreach.  His rear feet would hit the ground a foot or more in front of the 
front hoof prints!  You could feel his back end drop, the beats per minute 
decrease and the speed increase.  By mistake (mine) he once did an honest 15 
mile loop in just under an hour! (I had a hell of a time getting him cool and 
thus pulsed down at the vet check.  We slowed down after that and finished 
fine.  Also a comment on the Arab vs. other thread, he took about 2 times the 
conditioning as the Arabs/ part Arabs I ride since.)

I personally would be tickled pink to have another horse that could trot like 
that.  In the later part of the 19th century, Moseman's sold a rig to teach 
trotting harness horses to go wide and overstep at the trot.
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