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Re: [RC] Report on Hopkins from Criminal Psychologist! - Linda B. Merims

Hi, Basha;
I saw your article in the recent Trail Blazer.  I am glad
that Equus and Outside magazines are also pursuing the
story.  Actually, the largest circulation horse publication
in the country is Western Horseman.  They are the folks
that you should be trying to get interested.
Can I make one comment?
I believe that the Long Riders Guild is making a mistake
by so intensively demonizing Hopkins.  I think it backfires.
I believe it makes the Guild's case seem less credible than
it otherwise would sound if the same basic case was made
without sounding so, well, fanatical.
I believe the most effective tactic is to, as you have done,
disprove Hopkins plausible-sounding historical claims (the
1886 race, the Arabian race, etc.).  In other words, punch
your strongest points hardest.
The way these articles, and the articles on the Long Riders'
Guild web page sound--the Long Riders' Guild is not just
trying to discredit Hopkins, they want to pound him into
dust and then burn the ashes and then decompose the molecules!
There's too much hate coming through in the argument.
I believe it backfires and makes editors more wary of the Guilds'
statements, and not more intrigued.  We don't have a
mass-murderer here, just a spinner of tall tales.
I'd also leave out trying to accuse Hopkins' wife Gertrude
of fabrication.  The Hidalgo screenwriter has already turned this
theory against the Guild by claiming on his web page that the
core story of Hopkins' long-distance riding accomplishments are
true, and that it's not Frank's fault his wife went nuts-o after
he died and made up all the obviously ludicrous exaggerated
claims in the "biography" she penned for him and sent to the
cowboy museum.
Well, good luck.  Do you know for a dead fact why Hidalgo
has not been released yet?  Is Disney taking any more
cognizance of the case the Guild has built and switched its
publicity line to "based on the legends of Frank Hopkins"?
Or is it still sticking to its "based on a true story" guns? 
Best wishes,
Linda B. Merims
Norris, TN
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 10:33 AM
Subject: Report on Hopkins from Criminal Psychologist!

We are continuing to work like crazy here!  More amazing revelations about Hopkins are being discovered almost every day.  (www.thelongridersguild.com/hopkins.htm)
Equus and Outside magazines both have reporters who are finishing large stories about the Hopkins Hoax, and a respected Native American newspaper, "The Lakota Journal," has already filed a story.
This is just a quick note to let you know that Dale Yeager, the criminal psychologist who worked on the Jon Bennet Ramsay case, has sent us a psychological profile of Frank Hopkins.  His conclusion is that Hopkins was "a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies"!  (His complete report is attached, and also on our website.)
So we are not imagining it....
Kind regards
Basha O'Reilly FRGS
The Long Riders' Guild