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Re: [RC] travelling wide - heidi

So....if your horse tracks straight at the walk and the canter but is
wide behind at the trot, expecially if it is a big extended
trot....then the most likely cause of this is that the horse has
hollowed out its back and is heavy on the forehand.

sorry, kat, i disagree with you on this one -- not to say you are not
right  in some cases however.  i have a small gelding, SUSAN G has
ridden with me  on him and commented on his good movement.  he's a short
bodied horse that  goes collected, well rounded  and well under himself
due to the way i ride  him (otherwise he could be out of control as he
is very competitive -- very  closely related to RIO).  it has been
observed by MANY that have riden  behind him that when we do an extended
trot he opens up his rear and  travels wide behind. the reason for this
is because of his short
bodiedness, if he didn't compensate someway he would be over reaching
and  catching himself.

I have to second that.  IF the horse is heavy on the forehand, THEN the
idea that there is a back issue or a hind limb issue is worth considering.
But despite Kaboot, in my experience, the majority of the horses that
travel this way are NOT heavy on the forehand, and in fact drop the
hindquarters to engage them even further--which takes a very STRONG back!



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