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Re: [RC] [RC] ? In the eye of the beholder - Cowgirgoof

AMEN! I have competed my current Moyle horse for years who has done more than I 
ever could have dreamed in CTR. But...I have never enjoyed riding him as much 
as the Moyle who I had before him. Brigham, (the prior one) was wild, 
independent, scared of other people to the point of embarassment, and very 
strong. But once I got through to him, I loved riding him like not other 
before. Miles (the current one) on the other hand, is everything Brig was not. 
Mellow, willing, loves people, and has won everything in CTR he could. But from 
the beginning, he was not Brig, and I wished Brig could have stayed young 
forever. Now I have a young Moyle horse (five year old) who I love being around 
as much as Brig. He is a perfect combination of the two horses. Even though he 
is more challenging to ride than Miles, I love riding him. He also is fairly 
plain looking compared to Miles, who gets more attention about his good looks 
than any horse I've ever owned.I have also fretted to death that "Eli" is not 
going to be big enough, but now he's maturing out and will have no problem 
packing me. 
So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say be happy with the horse 
that you know can make you happy no matter what others say or think. Life is 
too short to ride a horse that makes you miserable.
Happy New Year! See you on the trail. It's 2004- Tevis here we come!
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