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Re: [RC] Worming, daily or single dose? - heidi

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Bev Specht speco-charter@xxxxxxx

What is the thought on giving a daily wormer verses a single dose
rotated on a regular bases? I have heard some people feel the daily
affects performance. Any takers?

It's and apples-and-oranges kind of comparison.

Daily dewormers don't work well unless you have already gotten the horse
"clean" or are starting with a baby that doesn't yet have a worm load.  So
before you consider a daily dewormer for ANY horse, you should be
addressing how to get his worm load gone so that you can then control
daily exposure with the daily dewormer and not build up a worm load.  That
said--the best use of daily dewormers is in youngsters that don't yet have
their immunity bolstered against roundworms and in any horses living in
close groups where bloodworm exposure is an issue.  Great stuff for
younguns and for broodmares up in confinement--that sort of thing.  Not
much use in horses that are housed alone or are on large acreages where
reinfestation isn't much of an issue.

Single-dose dewormers are still necessary to get tapeworms, bots,
etc.--even if you DO use a daily dewormer.

That said--I'm personally not happy with the number of endurance horses
I've seen that have started daily dewormers and then gotten anterior
enteritis in competition.  The connection is purely anecdotal, but I'm not
the only vet who has noticed this.

I'd advise anybody with youngsters to either use a daily dewormer or
deworm every 3-4 weeks (with something like fenbendazole that gets
ascarids) when they are little.  But I stay away from it with my older
horses that are in endurance training.



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