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Re: [RC] travelling wide(now hollow back) - sharp penny

 In all my *unclassical* training..lol..heavy on the
forehand and traveling with a hollow back are not always
related and can be mutually exclusive. If your horses head
is low, chances are his back isn't hollow (but he can be
heavy on the forehand).....to see how this works get on
your hands and knees and raise your head..you will feel
your back dip, or hollow out and your ribs sink..now lower
your head and your spine will round out as your rib cage
lifts. Anatomically is very hard for a horse to powertrot
with his head low and be hollowed out..he can however be
leaning and balanceing himself on the bit(not desirable)
and as Kat said not fully using his hind quarters. as far
as cantering or galloping..a horse can be just as hollowed
out at this gait as at the trot..so don't assume alot of
canter work will fix the problem. Working on softening in
the bit and being able to get your horse to flex both
laterally and vertically at all three gaits improves a
horse that uses the bit for balance ie. heavy on the


I'll go for the heavy on the forehand part, but he's
never felt hollow.....

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Re: [RC] travelling wide, rides2far