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[RC] travelling wide - rides2far

 But despite Kaboot, in my experience, the majority of the horses 
travel this way are NOT heavy on the forehand, 

O.K. Now everybody's got me wondering if they'd think he was on the
forehand if they saw him move. I know he's pulling downhill when he's
doing his runaways, and feels like a racehorse who's thrown his center of
gravity out about 5' in front of his nose when he gets it in his mind
to...but he can also go down the trail really feeling like he's got it
together and is up under himself. I'd say he covers the majority of the
distance after the first loop without pulling that often. If he ever
starts flopping a long I can give a squeeze and the rear end comes back
up under me...as opposed to my old horse Isaiah who I will now mention to
intrigue those of you talking dog gait. 

Isaiah had a huge belly, and a narrow rear end that never learned to go
wide. He trotted along like a coondog with his rump to one side...maybe
hunting a way to get those legs past that belly without spreading. His
rear end trailed along behind, his front feet flipped up as he flopped
them out there. His nose was in the air, and he went downhill fast but
reminded me of someone running downhill totally out of control
windmilling their arms. He rope walked in front and flipped one foot out
to the side. His best speed was 7mph... heart rate was very low but
anything over that and all those weird legs just went everywhere like a
car wobbling when out of balance and he'd get a worried look in his eyes.
All that said...he did 1000 miles including one 100 miler with only one
pull and no lost time lamenesses or vet bills. He retired sound only
because we couldn't stand to ride him long enough to wear him out. >g<

While we're at it...how come the best long distance
dogs...coondogs...travel at an angle?

I'm sending Heidi a bunch of Kaboot photos in various gaits. We'll let
her explain what she sees to you. :-)


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