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[RC] Abettas (was Best saddles for under $1000) - Kristen A. Fisher

I was initially using a friend's Synergist (my 2 closest endurance buddies swear by them) but had *awful* problems with my ankles from the twist in the fenders. Maybe it was because the saddle was custom made for her, but I didn't really want to spend $2,000+++ to hope that a custom one for me would be OK. I tried a Tucker and it fit us well; I was about to buy it ($1,200+) when I tried a used Abetta. I was sick and tired of spending all this time testing saddles and not RIDING, so I really wanted to hate the Abetta, but it fits me great and I am very secure in it, and no more fender twist problems.
However, as Rae mentioned, it may be a bit too tight below the withers for my guy (some other issues have cropped up as well so we can't narrow the issue to the saddle yet). But if we do, has anyone tried the Abetta Arabian model? How does the tree differ? Can you get a wider tree on an Abetta? If the saddle does turn out to be a problem for him, I would get another Abetta to better fit him.
Thanks in advance,
Kristen in TX
From: "Rae Callaway" <tallcarabians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [RC]   Best saddles for under $1000
Question on the Big Horns - do they have a different tree than the Abetta?
My guys only fit in the Abettas when they are thin and as soon as they start
to muscle up or fatten up, the saddle starts to pinch them just below the
withers.  Rae Tall C Arabians - SE Texas