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RE: [RC] Spanish Mustangs - Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM

The government also regulates driver’s licensing and who is considered qualified enough to be on the road without a keeper and a prior media alert.  To view the success of THAT discretionary judgment call, come drive the So Cal freeways sometime, chock full of newly licensed and “qualified” drivers.  It’ll turn your hair white.


It sounds good in concept, but we all know that the reality is that the government would just screw it up nineteen ways to Sunday.




Susan Garlinghouse, DVM


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Sorry to disagree with you, but there is enough regulation against the way many of us make our living, i.e. farming and other occupations involving the land; we don't need MORE regulations.  In many cases, the regulations are placed on us by people who are not experts or even involved in the issues, but they make money by belonging to groups who DO regulate the rest of us.  Don't talk to me about regulating us more and more....



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Breeding, in my opinion needs to be strictly regulated and controlled from here on. I personally feel a license should be necessary to breed any domestic (dogs, cats, horses) animals ~ with penalties for noncompliance.

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