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[RC] Us Rider Road Service My Retraction - Roger Rittenhouse

I just spoke with Mark Cole from US RIDER for about an hour. We had a pleasant and professional discussion.

I believe I owe Mr Cole and the USRIDER company an apology for my very poor choice of words in my reply to the Laney H incident/posting.

I did over react with inappropriate words at the time without thinking.


The situation here comes to the understanding of the service policy as defined in the agreement.

When does and incident begin and most important END.?

The companies position is the incident was not closed.

I have read over the Service Contract document. While it is clear about the miles and dollars they will pay for a tow, it is not real clear to me when the 'incident' is closed.

In this case- the customer was towed on day 1 to a specified place - home. The next day the the truck was still defective, the customer wanted a tow to the dealer. Per the company- this would not be paid for by USRIDER BECAUSE the incident was the 'same' - and the dollar limit had been exceeded.
It IS clear that when you exceed the mileage and OR the $400 limit per incident, you cannot receive additional services at NO COST.

The company would have made arrangements to tow the truck at the owners expense.

I tried to understand when the current incident would be closed.

After some discussion with Mr Cole I believe that it is up to them to decide. I see no clear wording in the Contract that defines when I could get towed again under the policy as a NEW incident. The wording in the contract is OCCURRENCE.

I asked IF I was towed this am to a dealer AND it was over mileage or dollar limit, the truck was repaired, back on the road and broke down again this afternoon - would I be covered.? I understand the answer is NO.

I asked if I was hauled to dealer A and they could not fix it AND I was over the mileage or the dollar limit, would I get hauled to dealer B under the policy, NO it would be at my expense.

I believe (not sure) but other road service plans run the same way. You cannot get towed from A to B to C at no cost to you IF you EXCEED the mileage or the dollar limit. Some will only tow you one time.

The fact is we need to try to understand the purpose of the SERVICE and limitations. While the document I have is dated, I would recommend one go to the web site for the current Policy limitations.

This company is an emergency road service not a blanket towing service policy.

I am still a bit un-sure about when the 'service incident' is closed and the miles/dollar counter is reset.

I think this company really does try to do the right thing. Their heart is in the right place. They have to set limits on what they offer as services, otherwise the rates go up.

In the long run USRIDER is ONLY nationwide road service plan that will take care of us with our horse trailers and horses. The price is great.

I agree with Mr Cole- a business cannot satisfy everyone all the time.

I did suggest that for the sake of good PR and business, sometimes one has to make 'limited adjustments'. That is, try to resolve the customers issues. At what point does a company owe more then their contact defines? At least as they define that limitation.

I am NOT sure it was the correct move to cancel Laney's policy, but maybe that was justified at the time. Hopefully this can be resolved later.

As to the issue with Dave R., Mr Cole informed me they HAVE IN FACT taken of this claim TODAY. They received the claim today and it was resolved. There NEVER was an issue with USRIDER and DR.

My apology again for my previous email and rant.

I still recommend USRIDER.

I am still a member.

Roger Rittenhouse
76 Wolf Pen Creek Rd
Pikeville TN 37367


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