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RE: [RC] Spanish Mustangs - Ranelle Rubin

I am glad you posted on this list. The animals on the site appear to be nice horses that would excel at endurance given the right home. I hope they get that chance. My only beef is to continue to breed more horses than you can provide for. Depending on someone else's land to support the herd, yet continuing to propagate just seems irresponsible.

I bred, showed, trained, and sold Akita pups for 20 years. I stopped when I no longer could expect the litters to be spoken for before being conceived. I could not even have imagined breeding a litter of pups with even the remote possibility that any of them would end up at a shelter.

I am sure your friend does care for his horses. They sure look well-fed, etc in the pictures. Maybe this is a wake up call for him, and one of his strategies will be to call the vet for some gelding appointments!

Don't get your panties in a wad here about the responses you have received. Most of us would hook up our trailers and drive to wherever these animals were to help if asked. We just want folks to breed what the market will bear, no more.

I once tried to buy a nice young Arab stallion from a "preservation breeder" who simply had too many horses. I wanted to geld him and turn him into an endurance horse that would enhance the reputation of her foundation sire, his dad. She wanted way more than what he was worth as a gelding, so kept him standing in mud up to his knees, with no shelter in a small corral.

Years later, I came across the horse in someone's backyard. It made me cringe. The horse had gone through an auction, and obviously had a tough life. I brought him home, re-habbed him, and sold him to a young girl who still loves him. He was headed to another round at an auction.

Guess I just read Black Beauty too many times..!

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne

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From: wpwpw@xxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] Spanish Mustangs
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 10:16:45 -0500

Karen, Ranelle, Sandy and Kelly,


Please- this is truly not correct.

This is my fault for placing this on Ride Camp-It was my intent to have Endurance families learn of these potential horses.


Kim would not let the horses go for slaughter-he will bring them home-Kim has spent horses rescuing horses from these barns over the years and many of the horses that he now owns have come from these rescues.  He does not complain or beg anyone for help with feed or any of the expenses.  Just last spring he rescued several Spanish Mustang mares from an auction barn that does sell the percentage of horses to slaughter. His main focus of his life is” for the horses”-his and anyone else’s.  He does not live off these horses, he lives for them.  He does not live off the money he makes from the horses; he is a professional farrier and uses this income to take care of the horses-his and others.


You misunderstood this person and my intent-so please if you would like contact me direct and I will try to explain.

Again I am very sorry.

[RC] Spanish Mustangs, wilderness pursuit