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Re: [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs. - heidi

I think it's the implication that 25 miles isn't "real endurance"
because 1) it is called "limited" distance and 2) is not in fact, as you
pointed out in your other post, considered "endurance."

When in actuality it requires less limits and more endurance than 99% of
anyone who ever got on a horse.

That's only a negative if you yourself perceive it to be one.  Consider
instead that it is "distance" which is more than 99% of people that ever
get on a horse will do, and the "limit" is that it is less distance than
an endurance ride.  That's what it "implies" to me, and I'd wager that was
what was "implied" by whoever named it.

Apparently not many are put off by the name--the LDs as a rule are very
well attended, particularly in Howard's region...


REAL endurance is reading the LD vs. Endurance thread/debate every 3
~ Heidi Sowards

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