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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs. - Barbara McCrary

The odd part about this discussion is that I have heard for years how LD
riders are considered second-class riders, but I'll be darned if I've ever
actually heard anyone bad-mouth a LD rider to his face.  Maybe it's just a
factoid (meaning if misinformation is told often enough, it is accepted as
the truth.)  I've heard this story over and over, and I actually took a
young horse to his first event - a LD ride.  I surely never had the
impression that anyone thought I was inferior because I did.  Maybe we just
like to keep the rumor mill going for the entertainment value?


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But 10 k runners are not looked down up on. There are not list where
they get slammed on a regular basis. In fact in human running, all
distances get the same respect from the 100 meters to the marathon.

I've only ever seen a handful of folks who disrespect LDers.  And I'll
betcha you can find a handful of marathoners who look down on other
distances as lesser runners as well.  It is human nature that some folks
are rude.  Most aren't.  If we didn't respect LD, it wouldn't have its own
national mileage programs, etc.


One would think that logic would prevail. But then, if logic did prevail,
men would ride sidesaddle.
~  Bob Morris

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