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The Ingenio Magdalena Challenge 1st Edition

Thursday, 10th of July, 2008.

They have started their journey. Although there were still some pending issues regarding the paperwork for the transport and temporal importation of the horses into Guatemala, the Costa Rican counterpart felt they were ready to leave ... and left! Frenzy took over as the last part of the formalities was still to be finished, and so on this end of the journey, in Guatemala, everybody involved was very busy to bring the formal bureaucratic part to a happy end... Special Thanks to Nacho for his help!

They will be coming in two groups, one truck bringing three of the Costa Rican horses (one is being ridden by Clarissa/GUA, as she did successfully last April in the wonderful Hacienda Chapernal in Costa Rica with the very kind and generous support of Doņa Lourdes and Don Mario Miranda, please see pictures and report at 2008 Chapernal ), and one separately, as they were leaving from different parts of the country of Costa Rica.

Fernando is in charge of coordinating with the Costa Rican Party about their stay in Guatemala. They have been in contact for several weeks now, and everything is ready for them to stay for the days necessary before and after the ride.

We wish them a bon voyage!

Scarlet Schieber de Rodas