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Preparing for the ride ?

June 12th of 2008

Janio, Uber and Fernando of Jinetes de Aventura Endurance , organizer of the next FEI Ride in Guatemala, where on their way early the morning of June 12, to check out the definitive routes and base camp location at the Ingenio Magdalena, in La Gomera, Escuintla, Guatemala.

After discussing several options, we came to the decision that the best place would be at the Ingenio Magdalena, AND, that we would do the ride at night. Hopefully, with an almost full moon?. Depending on the climatically conditions!

Because this is the time of the rainy season, and so we have a great chance of having rain, lots of rain! The weather conditions are very similar to those in Malaysia, hot and humid. That is also the reason for riding at night. To have less heat and the chance is better for the horses to pass.

We got the authorisation to use the hangar as ?dorm? for the horses.! So at least they will be protected from all the rain we possibly will get!

After checking it all out, they got themselves some hot fresh tortillas with Pollo Chapin? and then headed home satisfied with the choice of the Ride Site.

"When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator" (Mahatma Gandhi)

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