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They arrived!

Saturday, 12th of July 2008 Finally the first 3 Costa Rican Horses reached Guatemala after several days of travelling and lots of obstacles to overcome!

That is Saladino, ridden by Julio C. Alfaro and Samuray, ridden by Diego Zamora, both owned by Marcial Zamora. And LFM Black Lady, ridden by Clarissa de Wit from Guatemala, owned by Lourdes de Miranda.

We are happy they made it! So we will have all the expected horses for the classifying ride next Saturday night! when the big event will be held for Guatemala and Costa Rica to classify their teams for the participation in the World Endurance Championship in Malaysia coming November.

Compared to the travels and distances lots of riders do in the US for example, it may seam a short ride from Costa Rica to Guatemala, BUT, in between we have 3 border crossings, that need a lot of paperwork, coordination, cooperation and patience!! to be passed.

Although the Central American countries have lots in common, there are still many requirements to be fulfilled to be able to pass from one country to another, not to mention, with SPORT HORSES!

But they did it! And we want to congratulate all the people involved in this part of the adventure of bringing the horses half across the isthmus of Central America and tell them ?GOOD JOB!?

Today, at around 5 pm the horses arrived at the Equestrian Sports Centre in Guatemala City, Complejo Hipico LA AURORA, in zone 13 of Guatemala City. They had been escorted by Ignacio and Silvia de Wit, together with Marcial Zamora, the owner of two Costa Rican horses who had arrived in Guatemala 2 days earlier, from the salvadorenian border with Guatemala and brought to the equestrian facility in Guatemala City, where they will be staying until the horses will be moved close to the event site, in Escuintla.

The horses arrived well after the three days long journey and demonstrated so by giving a show of running and rolling on the ground at their destination delighting everybody present.

That night, everybody will have a good nights sleep.

Scarlet Schieber de Rodas