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Sunday, 6th of July 2008

Kind of a pre ride ...

Kind of a pre ride was executed by Silvia, Ignacio, Clarissa and Janio, with 4 horses and a bike! To double check out the conditions of the area were The Mayan Adventure Ride 2008 - The Ingenio Magdalena Challenge 1st Edition, will take place, in La Gomera, Escuintla, they took off early in the morning, bringing the horses in their trailers to the wonderful luscious green Sugarcane plantation.

The sugarcane plantation surrounds one of the biggest sugarcane processing plants in Guatemala, Ingenio Magdalena.

Ingenio Magdalena is our Special Sponsor for this years mayan adventure ride, giving the support for the guatemalan sport in a very generous way and to start at this point we want to give our MANY MANY THANKS for all the help they provide us.

Janio, riding one of his horses and hand leading the other!, Silvia and Clarissa with their horses and Ignacio de Wit with his bike AND his camera, went of to discover the precious landscape and tropical vegetation of the land of Ingenio Magdalena!

What they found was a lush green route, with rivers to cross, and good footing for their horses and all you can see on the pictures ?Nacho? took on the tour!.

The next days will bring lots of activity, as the arrival of the Costa Rica horses is expected for this week, and the OC has still a long list of items to check, so we will stay tuned on this!

Scarlet Schieber de Rodas