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Re: [RC] Response to the [RC] WEG -- the USA team - kseits@xxxxxxxxxpost - Truman Prevatt


The selection process used is somewhat similar to the one developed for the selection of the ETZ teams over the past few PAEC/NAEC. It is based on head to head competition with points accumulated based on finish in predefined selection rides. There is no politics.

JT posted the link.

One of the shortfalls of a pure points system surfaced in the last NAEC where a good horse/rider that have a single bad day had the choice of taking on another 100 shortly after they did one and shortly prior to the competition. This rider decided to let a British friend ride his horse for GB in the NAEC and the horse metaled in the NAEC. This does not seem to be in the best interest of anyone.

The remedy in the WEC procedures is to select to a "National Team" using head to head completion and at that point turn the team over the management (coaches, vets, etc.) for final selection of the squad. This is very similar to a track team, for example where the coach picks the four guys to run the relay from the team based on the factors at hand on the day. It is also quite reasonable and while there is always a chance that politics will surface in anything - the ultimate responsibility will rest on the management who should get the blame/praise for the performance of the team.

In the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta in the 4x100 meter relay, there was pressure to replace one of the team members with Carl Lewis. Lewis placed fifth in the relay team selection for the even in the trails. He was at Atlanta in the Long Jump. The reasoning was Lewis was a seasoned veteran who had good skills in the handling of the baton. His speed was still good, and when paired with the other three he would be running with the team would be dead on favorite. However, the coaches hands were tied and Lewis could not be on the relay team - unless one of the other runners could not compete. The guy Lewis would have replaced had little experience in relays - especially at that level. He bobbled the baton on the hand-off and lost valuable time. The US lost the gold metal to Canada that day because of that bobble.

IMO the best way is to chose the squad by head to head competition and let the management select from the squad the team for race day. That is what is done today in the USEF. It might need some tweaking but in is a solid approach. If it doesn't work then one has to take a hard look at the management leading upto and on the day of the event.

I think the problems we have had in the last few WEC's has more to do with the fact that the rest of the world has caught up and in many cases surpassed the US program. This is not unusual in sports. Look at international basketball. In 1992 when the "dream team" of NBA all starts played in the Olympics. At that time all the other countries were honored to just play against them. The opposing players would get the dream teams autographs after the games. They walked away with the Olympics.

The rest of the world went to work and as a result in the last Olympics the US NBA allstart team had to work hard just to win the Bronze and they were lucky to do that. The rest of the world just got a lot better. I think bottom line that is what has happened in endurance.


Joe Long wrote:

Among other things, that would take most of the politics out of the selection process. Which may be why it won't be done that way. ;^>


“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Friedrich Nietzsche, The Dawn


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