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[RC] Response to the [RC] WEG -- the USA team - kseits@xxxxxxxxx post - LUCIE HESS

I"m just sick to my stomach...  It seems that my post
regarding the US horses during the WEG has been
misinterpreted.  I'm about ready to quit
posting/blogging.  I seem to be the witness/blogger
that the above author "Ksetis"  is referring to.

I DID NOT say in my post that Steve Rojack's horse had
a lameness problem before the horse was shipped to
Germany.  That was never my understanding,  What I was
trying to say was that the horse developed the
lameness issue before the  Horse/rider combinations 
were picked for the team. I was trying to say that the
lameness issue had developed while the horses were in
Germany and very close to the race date . 
If my post made it sound other than that.. Well, I
apologize.. I should have been clearer in my post, or
not have discussed it at all.

Perhaps that's the lesson I  need to take from this
situation.  Don't post anything in any manner that can
be misconstrued.
I wish folks on this forum would not take items in
posts and use them for their own agenda.. Shame on

Again.. I am very embarrassed and unhappy, that
someone would take my words and twist them so.  I
don't know what else to say, 
Lucie Hess.. the "witness /blogger" in Germany...

Columbia, Missouri
Region 6

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