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Re: [RC] Response to the [RC] WEG -- the USA team - kseits@xxxxxxxxxpost - Joe Long

Diane Trefethen wrote:

I read Mr Seits' remarks as primarily an attack on the way we pick our team. He seemed to me to be saying we picked it more in the "good old boy" tradition than in the "put your best foot forward" tradition.

If that was his point, I think he is right.

Agreed. I haven't kept up with our FEI procedures, so I could be completely off base on this, but AIUI our teams are chosen by committee, not by order of placing in qualifying events, and horses may even be assigned different riders (or vice-versa) by the Chef 'de equipe than the riders who "got them there."

Again AIUI, the reasons given for this is that "the team must fit together" and "we don't want to beat up our horses in qualifying events, leaving them less than 100% for the ride." It is my opinion that both reasons are insufficient, and that we would have better teams if 1) the horse/rider teams earned their slot objectively, in qualifying rides and 2) horse/rider teams remained a unit and riders would not be assigned to different horses (or horses to different riders) except in unusual circumstances, and with the consent of all riders/owners involved.

Among other things, that would take most of the politics out of the selection process. Which may be why it won't be done that way. ;^>

Joe Long


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