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Re: [RC] Response to the [RC] WEG -- the USA team - kseits@xxxxxxxxxpost - Diane Trefethen

Lynne Glazer wrote:
Hey, not "FOLKS". ONE guy, with an agenda. Ease up, and thanks for your reports.

Hey, wait a minute. Mr Seits may have been abrasive but don't throw out his "baby with the bath water" by calling it an agenda. His points were accurate regarding our inability to field a team that can compete successfully. As to the Steve Rojek stuff, on 19-Aug-06, appalucie@xxxxxxx wrote, "Steve Rojacks horse will not be competing, the horse has a foot problem, that has developed over the last few weeks..." My mama always told me "a couple" meant two and "a few" meant three or more. Since the horses arrived in Germany on 06-Aug-06, it is completely reasonable to assume from that statement that the horse's problem had already made its appearance before the horses were shipped. If that is true, the only valid reason for shipping the horse would have been the hope that the problem would resolve itself. But that was exactly Mr Seits' point. Why are we shipping a horse that MIGHT be ok when there are hundreds here that ARE ok? Then in Lucie's clarification she said, "What I was trying to say was that the horse developed the lameness issue before the Horse/rider combinations were picked for the team. I was trying to say that the lameness issue had developed while the horses were in Germany and very close to the race date". This sounds like a contradiction to me. I would think the horse/rider combos were picked before shipping them overseas, right? So if the lameness thing came up "before the Horse/rider combinations were picked", that would have been before they were shipped. Even if the absolute last picky picking didn't occur till AFTER the horses were in Germany, stating "the lameness issue had developed ... very close to the race date" is NOT the same as, "the horse has a foot problem, that has developed over the last few weeks".

I read Mr Seits' remarks as primarily an attack on the way we pick our team. He seemed to me to be saying we picked it more in the "good old boy" tradition than in the "put your best foot forward" tradition.

If that was his point, I think he is right.


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[RC] Response to the [RC] WEG -- the USA team - kseits@xxxxxxxxx post, LUCIE HESS
Re: [RC] Response to the [RC] WEG -- the USA team - kseits@xxxxxxxxx post, Lynne Glazer