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Re: [RC] Another lost shoe--AARGH--advice needed despite Ti's cautions... - Jon . Linderman

By the time you add up all the 2 cents I am sure you will have a wealth of information.  Here's my 2 cents.

My horse started losing shoes early in his career: 5 fronts in his 1st 50.  I tried to look at it less form keeping shoes on, and more from what was the issue  with his gaits.  A quick, but bad fix would be to short shoe him or crank the heels way in.  I looked elsewhere for answers & I percieve you are the long-term person, presently frustrated, not the just git-r-done type.   Part of my horse's issue is very steep shoulder angle leaving a long contact time & a big rear stride that would come up and clip his heels.  Part of it was him needing to get stronger in his back and rear end.  You said your horse  was heavier and coming off a prolonged pasture potato period & likely like my guy, your horse will carry himself much better as he gets back in shape.   I no longer use any sort of wedge, but he is alot steeper in front than many horses, as much as 56 degrees, but this matches his shoulder angle & I don't go as steep with other horses I own.  I also have had great success using a victory elite blunt rear shoe, set back about 1/8", which also gives it some trailer, and he clears nicely now.   It took several farriers to convince us that this might be a good trick in the hind end for me to try it, but we do not hack the front of the toe off perpendicular to the ground the way I 've seen some people "bull nose" hind feet.  The steeper front angle and blunter rear shoe sped up his front end & slowed his hind just enough & we've had 1 lost shoe all year.  I did a 50 CTR in muck this weekend with no problems when I'd usually expect at least 1 sprung or lost shoe in heavy muck.  I can't see how  dropping the rear angle would help because the horse will rslide up underneath themselves further.  We drop the angle on standardbred race horse to get a longer hind stride.  On my daughters arab that forged & clipped off shoes I used the NB aluminum in front and a heavier steel shoe behind a size larger so it that after I shape it to fit it gives some trailer & his front/rear gaits seem more balanced, he doesn't forge, and hasn't lost or sprung  a shoe.  Similar idea, different horse, somewhat different approach.  Okay maybe thats more like 8-10 cents......


[RC] Another lost shoe--AARGH--advice needed despite Ti's cautions..., Mary Krauss