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Re: [RC] Angled pasterns and shoeing - Dyane Smith

I've never ridden sandy trails with exposed roots because I never came across that in So. Cal, but they certainly worked in every other trail situation we came across including those flat boulders.  Is that "slick rock"?
We went up one trail that you couldn't even see when you were at the bottom, just looked like a steep steep bluff.  Never missed a step.
I used to go through (worn down to paper thin) a pair of bar stock shoes in 5 1/2 weeks, but the horse moved great.
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Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 5:58 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Angled pasterns and shoeing

I've used egg bars (fronts) for several years on my horse. He had many miles with them. They work just fine. I used them on rocky trails, sandy trails with lots of exposed roots, on gravel roads and muddy trails. No problems. Loving's article was in Trail Blazer about 10 years ago if I remember right.


Dyane Smith wrote:
Patti, as one who has owned and competed a horse with long, sloping pasterns, I will say, "don't rule out egg bars".  Sun did 4 rides (and would have done more but I didn't have a trailer at the time) and I trail rode on some of the hairiest mountain trails you never want to see.  After one such ride, the ranger made us promise not to go on that trail again because he didn't even ride his horse on that trail and his horse was shod with barium.  With one notable exception, Sun never missed a step in his egg bars.
I think Nancy Loving recommends egg bars all around.
Properly fitted egg bars can be a godsend.


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