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[RC] Bob Marshall treeless endurance saddle question... - Ridecamp Guest

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O.K - For those of you that ride in the Bob Marshall saddles: 

How do you keep your hips from rotating outwards?

I am trying out a BobMarsahll treeless endurance model,
and it feels like it is too WIDE for ME! My thighs seem 
to be pushed out, like I'm sitting on the backs of my thighs, and my hip 
sockets seem to be rotated outwards... which in turn cause me some pain.

The little pommel in front is nice, but as I start to trot & post (i.e. my mare 
can move BIG & LONG as we trot down the trail), the pommel interferes... but by 
lengthening the stirrups, I can reduce that interferrence with the pommel... 
BUT that then increases the outward rotation of my
hip sockets?

I like the way my mare wants to move under this saddle, 
& it is really COOL to be able to feel her bend & flex underneath me... but I 
don't think I can ride long hours 
in this saddle becuase of the pain associated with my hip
sockets. Is this just the way theses saddles ride? If so, 
is there another treeless-type saddle that carries abit of 
a narrow twist, or carved-out area to relieve the thigh pressure? Any 

:) J


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