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Re: [RC] Angled pasterns and shoeing - Dyane Smith

Patti, as one who has owned and competed a horse with long, sloping pasterns, I will say, "don't rule out egg bars".  Sun did 4 rides (and would have done more but I didn't have a trailer at the time) and I trail rode on some of the hairiest mountain trails you never want to see.  After one such ride, the ranger made us promise not to go on that trail again because he didn't even ride his horse on that trail and his horse was shod with barium.  With one notable exception, Sun never missed a step in his egg bars.
I think Nancy Loving recommends egg bars all around.
Properly fitted egg bars can be a godsend.
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Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 12:13 PM
Subject: [RC] Angled pasterns and shoeing

At Sera's first LD recently I asked the vet for some suggestions on her weak points/areas to work on. No surprise he mentioned that she has a bit too much slope to her pasterns and needs to be "under herself more". He mentioned something about round shoes? I tried to explain to my farrier and he understood the complaint, but not the solution. He's thinking the vet meant bar shoes, but my farrier didn't think you'd want to compete in those.
Just wondering if any of you guys might have some advice for shoeing or anything for that matter to help me keep her sound. My farrier does not know anything about endurance (not really any in this area that do) but he is open to new ideas and not one of those set in their ways types. Money is also not an issue as we have a barter system with him...he owns a small plane and my husband is an Aircraft Mechanic/Inpsector. Lucky girl, huh?? :)
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[RC] Angled pasterns and shoeing, Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs