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Re: [RC] [RC] Racing - heidi

 At a ride last year (different
Forest) we were told that we could not reserve an area of the camp
ground - first come first serve for every one - and had to share all the
 trails with the day riders and other campers. The RM was given no
management authority over anyone but the endurance riders. I suspect
that is the management plan for all forest and probably even forest
service regulations.

No, those are NOT standard USFS regulations.  It may be the policy of your
individual supervisor, but it sure isn't how things go most other places. 
And I'd be leery to put on a ride under those circumstances.

We don't have exclusive use over the trails--but we DARN sure have
exclusive use of the camping area, and often have to show plans for
traffic control.

I stated in an earlier post that we can't close down public access
roads--but actually, when we put on the Pan-Am, we were required to have a
cut-off time and close down the access to VC1 after that time, until all
the horses had cleared a section of trail that was common with the
incoming road.  And we had a traffic control person there to enforce that
road closure.  In a couple of other high-traffic areas where we had the
trail crossing a public access road, we had warning signs up and actually
had a sheriff's deputy there at the one a few miles from the start, who
stopped all traffic any time riders were approaching the road.


REAL endurance is sleeping in the tack compartment of your trailer w/the
door open, and your horse snorts/snots on your forehead every 30 min!
~ Heidi Sowards

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