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Re: [RC] [RC] Racing - heidi

You can do that on private land. On public land you don't normall have
control and can't close off areas. On dirt roads in public lands you
have even less since the road is open to public access. You can't keep
other users out of specific areas. In multi use public areas not all the
 people will be associated with the ride and you will be sharing the
area  with other and different types of trail users. They might want to
come  watch, stop park their cars near the finish, etc., somthing over
which  the RM has absolutely no control.

Actually, some of the permits I've had on public lands have INSISTED that
I do that, for the very reason that safety comes first.

Yes, the lands are public--but part of regulating them is ensuring that
users have exclusive access to certain areas at certain times.  Kinda like
making a motel reservation.

One year we had a bicycle race in an area across a USFS road from us the
day AFTER our ride--and we were required to actually put up orange traffic
cones (our permit specifically said that was what we were to use) to
designate the exit route for our riders' rigs from the parking for the
bicycle people, so that the exit route would not be impeded and so that
there would not be any conflict between land users.  We were also required
to have a real live person there all morning directing traffic and telling
people where to park.

In my experience, having a permit to use a certain area gives you
exclusive use of that area for that time frame--particular camping areas. 
In popular areas, often the schedule of permittees is posted.

It's true that you may not be able to block off a public access road--but
you can DARN sure regulate who parks alongside it.  And if a public access
road IS heavily traveled, it behooves a manager to pick somewhere else to


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