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Re: [RC] Sport Saddle slipping - heidi

Other than the training required to teach a horse to accept a crupper,
which is good in general as one more rope desensitization lesson, I have
never seen any down side to using them.  They sit on the saddles and
probably add 30 seconds to tacking up.  Of course, all the horses I have
owned may not have had sensitive skin, for I have never had any
irritation problems.

Something else to rub (as you mention), something else to get hung up,
something else to have to fuss with, and something else to cost money.  I
could string doodads on my horse's ears, too, I suppose, but if they serve
no purpose, why bother?

In 30+ years in this sport, I've personally only had to deal with one
horse that required a crupper (one of my broodmares) and one that required
a breast collar (shad-bellied gelding that my dad rode for years and was
otherwise a wonderful horse).  I've certainly seen several as a ride vet,
and they get through rides just fine with their extra equipment, but I'm
just not inclined to want to own horses that need that stuff.  Sure makes
life a lot simpler.

(And I DO live in some pretty "vertical" country....)


We are talking about all the tools we can use to keep our horses safe and
alive at the rides. Training/conditioning is one of the best tools
available. It makes us better horseman and women, it benefits our horses
and could quite possibly be the key to preventing most crashes.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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