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Re: [RC] Sport Saddle slipping - Vicki Austin

You really do need a crupper and breast plate with a
treeless saddle.   Be careful using the crupper the
first time as some horses need to get used to it.  The
best ones I have found that do not irritate at all (my
horse is super sensitive) is Running Bears soft
biothane one with the round tail piece.  There are no
seams on the tail piece so it is smooth and gets
slippery with sweat instead of sticking and rubbing.
--- Chris <rinard@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the Sport Saddle, having ridden in
this one about 10 times
or so.  Today, on a very steep downhill, the saddle
slipped down on my
horse's neck.  I don't ride with a crupper, or a
breast collar, and would
like not to have to, if possible.  It also slips
back on an uphill climb.

I'm not a lightweight rider-5' 10.5" and 179, so
could this be part of the
problem?  It also tends to slip when I'm mounting
unless I have it girthed
up pretty tight.  My Arab's withers are about
average I would say.

Any suggestions from all of you experienced SS



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