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Re: [RC] Sport Saddle slipping now crupper and breast collar. - Ed & Wendy Hauser

I also have only owned one horse that "required" a crupper.  She was an old
QH mare built much like a whiskey barrel.  She had old scar tissue in the
cincha groove.  The cincha would irritate and if she was ridden more than an
hour or two a gall developed.  The addition of a crupper to the western
saddle allowed the cincha to sit an inch or two back.  I'm sure that a
diligent application of the great saddle hunt would have revealed a
differently rigged saddle that would have worked on her, but I was not about
to spend that time and money on a 21 yr. mare purchased as a first horse for
a green as grass 11 yr old stepdaughter.  She was purchased for her
disposition and training not her conformation.

I do use breast collars and cruppers on the rest of my horses, more for
redundancy than need.  I have seen saddles on a horses neck when the cincha
was not tightened before a descent.  I broke a billet strap on my girth
during a shy 10 years ago.  If the crupper and breast collar hadn't held the
saddle on, I suspect that it would have ended underneath the horse.  I saw
the result of that at a ride in MI years ago.  The horse ran away, was
caught on a highway a mile or so away.  The saddle was scrap.  The horse was
cut and lame in the back legs.  The rider was sore and generally beat up.
She might have gotten air time even if the saddle had stayed on top of the
horse, so I don't say cruppers prevent falls.

A secondary reason is that I am able to use much looser girths.  This
prevents girth galls (better blood circulation etc).  It prevents

An ideal horseperson will inspect his/her tack to prevent broken billet
straps.  After my problem, I switched to biothane billet straps and
inspected more often.  Girth/cincha tightness should be checked frequently,
I am just lazy I guess.

My present saddle will, on the flat, sit in place even with daylight between
Ranger and the girth.  When I got into the vet check at the LongX last
summer it was that way.  That ride has very steep descents to get back to
camp.  If not for my crupper and breast collar, I would have had slippage

My bottom line:  Many excellent riders do not use breast collars/cruppers.
Many do.  The choice is personal.  I feel that the saddle is enough more
secure, and enough safer to warrant their use.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875


Common sense should also be a part of the decision making process. If you
see someone who doesn't have any, hand them your tool box.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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