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Re: [RC] re: hobbling to saddle - Sullivan

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From: "superpat" <superpat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I really like the way Pat Parelli introduces the saddle (as well as a lot
other things to the horse) He also contends that if your horse
cannot be bridled with the handler kneeling while the horse lowers his
it is not ready to be ridden. It is great exercise even if you normally
while tacking up.

Pat, I just got to speak up about this....it is one of the many, many stunts
that Parelli does
that are dangerous and pointless.  I can not see any situation where I will
ever be on my knees
bridling a horse...and the potential for harm is immense.  This goes along
with riding a horse back
up to the back of a horse trailer ( riders neck at trailer roof level),
standing on their backs with no tack on,
trailing behind the horse, right on their butt, leadrope in your teeth, and
my absolutely favorite, standing
a small (helmetless )child on a halterless pony to take a photo for an ad.
While I admit there might be some value to some of his training,
I find most of it pointless, dangerous and annoying to the horse.  I have
yet to see a Parelli trained horse
that was half way decent. I have followed this Parelli cult stuff since 1990
after buying a whacko horse that was
"Parelli trained", and am not impressed with his methods, ESPECIALLY as
presented to NOVICE horse owners. who don't
know better.  Did you read how he violated a promise at the Equine affiar
NOTto jump a horse over a picnic table; did
it anyway....and the organizers took his microphone away and shut him down?.
It's these stunts, which may be impressive,
but send a very wrong image to novice horse owners, and horrify experienced

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[RC] re: hobbling to saddle, Teresa Van Hove
Re: [RC] re: hobbling to saddle, superpat