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Re: [RC] Kneeling to bridle - April Johnson

Depends on how tall you are. My husband on his knees would be ok. Me on my
knees would put me on level with a 5 year old. Some 5 year olds would be
taller. My husband on his knees is as tall as I am on my feet. But still an
interesting concept. Guess I'd have to change my cue, though (or add
another). My cue for Tanna to drop his head is to put my hand on his poll.
He'll drop it to the ground if I ask, but we're still working on it to have
him leave his head down until asked to bring it up. He's getting it. Another
"get the head down" cue is to wiggle one or both reins and he'll put his
nose down down down. That cue is very handy for telling him to check out
water or letting him know he can eat grass. The poll cue I use from the
ground. The rein cue I use mounted.

About the only use I can see for actually doing that exercise (bridle while
kneeling) is that if you're hurt, you can grab your horse to have him lift
you. Any other uses other than just that? (Other than the obvious thing of
having control and confidence of your horse...but one can get that without
this particular exercise).

And still, worry wort that I am. Even if I could saddle and bridle untied, I
sincerely doubt that I would try doing that at an endurance ride. The
concept, though, does make me want to work with Tanna on saddling untied at

Nashville, TN

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From: "superpat" <superpat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

hooves cleaned, etc. without being tied. He also contends that if your horse
cannot be bridled with the handler kneeling while the horse lowers his head,
it is not ready to be ridden. It is great exercise even if you normally tie
while tacking up.

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