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[RC] re: hobbling to saddle - Teresa Van Hove

Andrea Day said:
  >...It's a good idea to teach a horse to hobble
  >anyway--gets'em to stand still when saddling,
  >mounting, etc. and you can go back to remedial
  >training and put the hobbles on if you're
  >having trouble saddling an excited, squirming
  >horse at a ride. If you ever hobble train,
  >you'll be a believer...

Hobbling is ok, but I have to relate this story from
Grey.  When I got him the owner, who does quite a bit of
horse training threw in a pair of hobbles and advised me to
use them to help teach Grey to stand still to be saddled.  
I did use them periodically - one day put them on because
Grey was dancing around, and he taught himself a nice 
standing start, reining style pivot move (ie part of a
roll-back)  Needless to say the pivoting was much more
disconcerting than normal dancing around so I decided to
drop the hobbling idea with him.  Found that if I held my
ground, initially reinforcing with the brush handle into
his side that Grey would not try to push thru me, so that
became the strategy to keep him still - just walk up to him
when he had swung himself against the fence, trailer, whatever.

It aint John Lyons but it works a treat with Grey Moun.

  Now that's an intriguing idea.  I'd already
  decided I was going to have to train my mare
  to hobble, because she paws endlessly when
  tied to a trailer.  (One of my nicknames
  for her is "Backhoe.")

Teresa Van Hove
Associate Scientist GST/UCAR

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