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[RC] MY MP/loose horses - Rides 2 Far

I don't think I am a "bad candidate" for the electric fence. I 
didn't know it all before I got started in this sport. These 
incidents happened years ago. 

I'm sorry, when you said your horses were loose Sunday morning at Million
Pines I thought you  meant this past weekend, since there was a loose
horse running around Sunday too.  

Who is to say what system works better than any others? 

I'll go out on a limb and say *facts* show once is *worse* than others.
Sure, we see horses loose from several containments...but my experience
is that the vast majority are from electric corrals.  THAT SAID, there
are some people who have used them for years and their horses are *never*
out.  It may look like luck, but I don't believe in luck. 

I think those are people who make sure their horse respects the fence.
They make sure the fence is properly working all the time. They are
careful who they put in the fence or who they take away. They are careful
where they set it up in the first place. They are not a problem.  Now
that I've said that of course everyone will think, "Yeah, that's ME".  If
yours never get out, O.K. That is you. If yours do...it's not you, no
matter how many excuses you have. Maybe to be a good electric fence user
you need to have a healthy dose of paranoia and some people just don't

One thing I haven't mentioned. I think staying very close to your camp is
pretty important too. I've seen people go away to eat at a restaurant
while their horses were running around like nutcases in their corrals. 

Man, I hate to be all gloom and doom. I had a WONDERFUL time this
weekend. I just felt all fuzzy it was sooo good to see everybody. It was
so good to sit around and swap tales. The weather was soo good. The ride
was so well run. Endurance is soooo GREAT!!! I LOVE EVRBODY! :-))  Just
debating the subject while it's fresh on my mind.


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