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[RC] MY MP/loose horses - Rides 2 Far


You gave examples of the following 3 times your electric fence failed
you..(even though the horses didn't always leave)

1. Anyway, Sunday morning a guy is shaking our tent and yelling, "Your
horses are loose!". 

2. . I woke up to find the fence all on the ground. It was still working
and not one of the horses stepped over the wire. 

3.So now, instead of taking the fence down, he just takes a running start
and tries to jump it! The last time I took him camping, I had to park my
truck in front of the fence so he wouldn't try to jump it. Although he
could have.


Does this not give you the impression that you may not be a good
candidate for an electric fence?  I have used the following: Tie to
trailer, PVC corral, metal corral, high line, and only when unavoidable
an electric corral.  All have their plusses & minuses but the electric
seems to contribute to the most panic runaways.

In 15 years of competition I've can only remember having 2 loose horses.
One when the PVC corral broke (which I soon retired, though the horse was
standing 3 ft. away grazing) and the second when I was already saddled
and leading my horse away from camp and he spooked & twisted my knee.

A bull snap or a loop ended lead keeps snaps from coming loose when the
horse swings his head "around the world". Knot eliminators set back from
the tree will keep the horse from rubbing his halter off on the tree. The
high mesh corrals look like a good solution.  I know having a loose horse
can happen to me and probably will sooner or later, but I'm going to do
my darndest to avoid it.

I've been told the Georgia Horse Council gives an automatic one million
dollar liability policy to your horse when you join. For people who are
*determined* to set up flimsy corrals, not turn on the electricity,
blanket their horses, put dominent horses in the same corral with another
they can attack, etc. I highly recommend it. Remember, it's not usually
the injured party who sues, it's their insurance company and they don't
care if you're the injured party's best friend.  I'll bet Joe's Dr. bills
from his electric fence induced trampling are well over $100,000... and
if he'd chosen to sue for the permanent disabilities .... well... corral
failure doesn't seem quite so amusing does it?


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