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Re: [RC] re: hobbling to saddle - Stephanie E Caldwell

I find most of it pointless, dangerous and annoying to the horse. <<

My horse is a very intelligent horse with an attitude like most Arabs. She
learned early on with the first Parelli/Lyons type trainer to lay down when
she was through. When that quit working she started jumping the 5' Round
pen. LOL We've since quit trying NH and gone back to German training and
Cowboy training, I grew up with German trainers and she grew up with Cowboy
trainers, but my question is to those of y'all who believe in NH, what do
horses gain out of RPing? I know people who RP every time they ride, for
about 20 minutes before hand, why? I've never had one who could tell me why
they were in teh RP chasing their horse around with a whip...

My horse was severly abused as a youngster (one reason I'm so against
abuse). She was broke around 14 - 16 months after being "found" in someones
corrall in Texas. She's supposed to be a Spanish Mustang. When I purchased
her she was 2 or 3 and ended up having some very severe behavior issues. The
original people that broke her used barbed wire for her curb chain, she has
no feeling in her mouth, from her reaction she was apparently beaten
severly, she was used to do ranch work for a few months. She was terrified
of people in general when I bought her, so I'd always been around Dressage
and the barn I boarded at was into John Lyons. They convinced me to let them
"train" my horse that they could fix her quicker... She ended up hating NH
and I took about 6 months and rebroke her slowly. She's a wonderful little
mare who loves people now, but all they did to her in her RP training was
run her around the RP until I rescued her from them after half an hour or so
because she wouldn't "join up".

I do lunge sometimes before I ride. If Star's been in all week (like this
week... around here it's supposed to rain until Friday) I'll lunge her on a
30' line just so I can keep her from flying around. If her pasture's not
flooded I turn her out for half an hour and let her get all that pent up
energy. Somedays I'll get on her and let her run... Just depends on how
brave I am!


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