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Re: [RC] [RC] re: hobbling to saddle - Shelley Kerr

<learned early on with the first Parelli/Lyons type trainer to lay down when
she was through>

Why did she lay down?  Or am I missing something here?

what do horses gain out of RPing?

If done correctly, you gain the beginning stages of trust from a horse.  Most people don't know how to round pen correctly and end up making the horse worse off than before.

I know people who RP every time they ride, for
about 20 minutes before hand, why?

I don't know.  Round penning is just for the initial beginning stage of training.  Like I said before, if done correctly, the need to continue round penning shouldn't be necessary. 

She was terrified
of people in general when I bought her, so I'd always been around Dressage
and the barn I boarded at was into John Lyons. They convinced me to let them
"train" my horse that they could fix her quicker... She ended up hating NH
and I took about 6 months and rebroke her slowly. She's a wonderful little
mare who loves people now, but all they did to her in her RP training was
run her around the RP 

 doesn't sound like they really knew what they were doing or trying to do

 until I rescued her from them after half an hour or so
because she wouldn't "join up".

You were probably right to do what you did.  Horses that have already been handled and been around people may not react the same way a horse that hasn't been handled very much or not at all, especially one that has been abused.  A different approach to round penning was probably needed to gain the respect and trust of the horse.

To really be a NH means assessing the horse, it's personality, what's it done, how it's been trained, confirmation, and it's capabilities, then deciding what might be needed to improve the horse.  NH isn't always one specific type of training.  John Lyons (himself) is a good horseman but that's because he reads the horse and then decides what to do next.  If you can't read a horse it doesn't matter what type of training technique you use, it's not going to work. 



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Re: [RC] re: hobbling to saddle, Stephanie E Caldwell