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Re: [RC] [RC] re: hobbling to saddle - Stephanie E Caldwell


>>Why did she lay down?<<

My horse lays down when she gets tired, hurts, or bored with what I'm doing with her. The first time she lay down in the RP someone else was working her; she had kicked me in the face and the back while I was on the ground. I'd only had her a few weeks and the people who owned the barn were out of town, so their son came and took Star away from me, stripped her tack, and spent a good while in the RP with her, until she finally just quit and lay down. By that time I'd recovered enough to go rescue my horse from this person, he was heavy handed with the whip and wasn't making my problems any better. Ever since then she'll lay down on the lunge when she's through, when her saddle doesn't fit, when she gets hurt on trails, when we've ridden enough in the arena, etc... Most of the time it's because she's in pain, but I think on the lunge and arena it's because she's bored. She's had two major accidents, one with me and one with previous owners, so I'm never 100% sure when she's hurting...

>>doesn't sound like they really knew what they were doing<<

That was my take on it, too. LOL Buy a video, watch it, and hang up a sign as a professional horse trainer, right? I'd never heard of a round pen, John Lyons, or Pat Parelli before I bought Star in 2000, so I had no idea what the correct way was.

>>NH isn't always one specific type of training.<<

Really? How so? I'm not being critical or anything, I just don't know anything about NH. My introduction to it wasn't good and I've never looked twice.

>>If you can't read a horse it doesn't matter what type of training technique you use, it's not going to work.<<

Yep, that's so true. I've been blessed with a pretty natural feel, and I started young, I think that helps. I was one of those teenage slave labor girls that all riding schools have, and it paid off. By the time I was 16 I was working two jobs and catch riding several horses, I would do anything to afford my habit!


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