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Re: [RC] Magnesium Deficiency - Spring Pasture - Complications - Truman Prevatt

One year I ran into a situation where I had fertilized in Feb (this is FL) and we got a lot of rain and the slow release wasn't so slow. When we put them back on the fields we ended up with one horse acting funny. The vet pulled blood ( I had it done on five to see what was going on). The blood work was all out of whack. She attributed to the very high nitrogen content in the grass rather than any particular mineral.

The there were the several years of the famous Biltmore virus and in those years there was a lot of lush green grass (and clover) for the horses to eat on at the base camp.


Rides 2 Far wrote:
After a hard ride last weekend, I had a blood panel done on my 
horse.   Everything was normal, except he was low in magnesium.  The
vet said  this  time of year spring pastures can be low in magnesium. 

This weekend at Million Pines Dr. Ken Marcellas felt that several horses
had problems with cramping due to an embalance of this sort...but I
thought it was the other direction. I had a badly garbled tape from when
I interviewed him for an article in the Chronicle...and was going to ask
him to clarify. 

Here's what I *thought* my tape said:

...whether or not some of these horses that are out on a lush green grass
like we've hd this Spring that we haven't had in years, are getting
fairly high calcium/magnesium from that grass. When you give what would
be normal electrolytes to these horses we end up with problems. I've seen
a couple today who seem like they've almost got hyper?? (could have said
hypo?) magnesium or too much calcium.


Ken drew blood on those horses. I'll send you his e-mail address
privately and maybe the two of you can give us some insight? It seemed
that some of the horses with the worst problems were on really good
fertilized fields. Once again I'm vindicated for having a really scruffy
churty hill pasture. >g<


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[RC] Magnesium Deficiency - Spring Pasture - Complications, Rides 2 Far