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Re: [RC] re: loose horses - Truman Prevatt

It's nice to have two or three long ground rods and it is necessary when driving a long distance of fence - particularly running higher impedance chargers that normally run off line voltage.

But given the short distances and the low impedance battery chargers used, getting a good ground is not that difficult. I use 5/8's inch rebar for the corners of my pen and attach the ground to one of those rebar. It is in the ground about a foot and works fine.

If you are worried about a good ground, just run a second strain of tape and hook that the the ground side. That will provide a direct circuit when the horse touches both and you don't have to worry about the ground. .


A. Perez wrote:

"...I made him get some water on his lips and then he touched
the fence again. Well, I guess that didn't feel so good. ..."

Classic sign of a poor ground. The more I read about hotwire
enclosures for ridecamps, the less I like the idea, and
grounding is one of the big problems. Unless it is being set up
in a permanantly biggy area, any electric fnce requires at least
a 4 - 8 FOOT grounding rod to work consistantly. Having tried
to drive grounding rods more than once, it is not easy to set
them deep enough to provide ground in dry weather. A nail,
spike ot tent-peg just ain't gonna cut it.

When I finally get Idiot Boy to load (another story) and we get
to go camping, he'll be tied... probably hobbled, thrown,
hog-tied, bound, blind-folded and gagged, after reading all the
horse escape horror-stories!

Amanda ("Stay, Cy, Stay!)
Cyclone ("Get away from me with that straight-jacket, Mom!)


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[RC] re: loose horses, A. Perez