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Owyhee Canyonlands
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2012 Owyhee Canyonlands
Images by Merri Melde


2016 Owyhee Canyonlands - October 7,8,9

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

2016 Owyhee Canyonlands 3-day Pioneer - Merri Melde

October 11 2016

It was quite the turnout for the 3-day Owyhee Canyonlands October 7-9, 2016. It's been a few years since these Owyhee desert trails have seen over 60 riders on day 1. Riders invaded from California, Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Canada for the event. Weather was almost perfect - a rare little bit of rain a few days before, and temperatures mostly in the 40's at night and mid-70's during the day. There was only one minor disaster, or great success story, depending on how you view it, on Day 1.

A Junior Fund was started at this ride (see Steph's article, "Helping our young riders get involved" in the September Endurance News magazine), to help Juniors with their ride entry fees. Since the majority of us are getting older, golder, less bolder, and starting to crest that ridge where we see many more older folks, older horses, and less miles ahead of us, and fewer younger riders filling the trail behind us, this is a way to help Juniors be able to afford continuing in, or getting started in, the sport. Who else is going to be around to boost us up on our horses 10 years from now when we can't find a mounting block, or we are too old to get out and mark trail and organize endurance rides? Barb McGann donated her free ride entry and veterinarian Robert Washington donated $200 towards the junior gang of kids and mules at this year's ride.

Evenings (well, not Day 2 because we were all tired) were filled with the glorious (?) bluegrass sounds of the Pickett Crick Ramblers (or whatever we call ourselves). The last night we were joined by special guest stars, Canadian Carol Wadey, who progressed from keeping the beat on a table to killing it on a real drum that John Teeter provided, and by singer Naomi Preston (with Carol) belting out the real words, or making some new ones up, to some tunes. The Nicholes kids, who helped cook and volunteer all weekend, provided more singing entertainment into the wee hours of the last night (like 10 PM).

47 started the 55-mile ride on Day 1, with 42 finishing. The Blakeley family from Oregon all started and finished, with dad Wasch, riding RA Ares Bey, just nipping Dick Root and OFW Alivia at the finish in a time of 4:25.

Dean Hoalst, aboard Pay Attention, finished 3rd, in 4:31. That's not unusual, because Dean likes to ride fast. What *is* unusual is that Dean rode the last 37 miles with a broken shoulder or collarbone and some broken ribs*, when his horse bucked him off and piled him onto the ground leaving the first vet check, when Dean wouldn't let him take off as fast as he wanted after the horses ahead of him. We're not sure if the punctured lung came during the buck-off, or during the 37 miles of riding.

After he finished third, and he had somebody trot his horse out for him for Best Condition, he consented to going to the small-town ER. They sent him to the hospital in Boise overnight, over his objections, I heard.

Dean's a bit tougher than I am. I accidentally kicked a table and broke a little toe a couple of days before a 2-day ride once, and I couldn't ride because my tootsie hurt.

Christoph Schork and GE Stars Aflame, and Carla Lakenbrink and Guinness, finished 4th and 5th in 4:36, followed by Sanoma and Barrak and Gabriela Blakeley in 4:50. Wasch's horse got the BC award.

20 started the 30-mile ride, with all finishing. Bill Miller and Raffons Noble Dancer won the ride in 2:57, pulsing down just a few seconds ahead of David Brown and Chipikiri. Carolyn Roberts and Manhattanincident, 5th in a time of 3:19, won Best Condition. Trinity Jackson bought her racing mules and 3 Juniors, finishing mid-pack, with Sydney Jackson and Out of Idaho the first Junior in a time of 3:23.

27 riders started Day 2's 50, with 23 finishing. It was almost a repeat of Day 1's results… minus Dean Hoalst, since he was in the hospital. Wasch Blakeley and RA Ares Bey finished first in 4:21, a few seconds ahead of Dick Root and OFW Alivia, with Christoph Schork, riding Medinah MHF, finishing in a tie for 3rd in 4:27 with Errol Fife and OMR Pristine. Medina MHF got the Best Condition award.

19 of 20 starters finished Day 2's 30-mile ride, with Jill Haunold and her Curly mare Penny's Isabelle winning in a time of 3:07, a few seconds ahead of Elayne Barclay and Merlot's Kwest. 4th place Wade Mauhl, in his first endurance ride aboard the beautiful palomino Quarter horse Sundance (his first endurance ride too), finished in a ride time of 3:10, and got Best Condition...

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Ride Info
Ride Managers:
Steph Teeter, 208 250 6898, steph@endurance.Net
Regina Rose, 208 250 8662, rrose4u2002@yahoo.com

Base camp: Teeter Ranch, outside of Oreana, Owyhee County, Idaho. (Directions)

Dinners will be provided by ride management and are free for riders and volunteers. ($10 if you're not riding or helping but still want a meal)

We have plenty of space for any size rig. There are hydrants for people and horse water throughout the camp site. WiFi internet is available at the house where we will have all ride meetings, awards and meals. Hot showers, flush toilets at the house.

Corrals are available for rent, $10 a day, or $30 for the week. 12 x 12 or 12 x 16 panel corrals.

Early arrivals are welcome, just let me know in advance!

Entry Fees:
$100 for LD and 50/55 distances (includes dinner and camp fee).
Juniors are half-price.

Please help us plan and register
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Come ride the Owyhee Canyonlands...

where time stands still!
That is what I find, the quiet is deafening, the sky is endless, and time stands still, this is where trail/horse/rider all truly become one.


This is desert country - you'll ride a mix of cow trails, jeep tracks, sand washes. We try to find the best footing, but there will be rocky sections and some deep sand. Ride accordingly and make sure your horse's feet have adequate protection. The trails are generally rolling, not terribly difficult but there will be some areas that you have to take your time on - we want you to have the full Owyhee Front experience!
CAUTION! These maps are tentative, and will quite possibly change right before the event - but this is what we're currently planning to do

Day 1 trail, Sinker Reservoir
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Day 2 trail, Wildhorse Butte
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Day 3 trail, Hart Creek
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Trail Previews

Sinker Canyon Trail Preview! by Merri


Hart Creek ridge (Day 2) Trail Preview - by Merri Melde

Hart Creek Rim Trail Preview! by Merri

Snake River Birds of Prey Badlands Trail Preview! by Merri